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Candidate Ian Hudson for Willington Parish Councillor

Candidate Ian Hudson for Willington Parish Councillor

The elections for the new Parish Councillors in Willington are upon us with voting day Thursday 30th November. The Parish Council, over the next few days will show case the 6 nominees. There are only 3 places on the Council so your votes count. Third nominee is Ian Hudson:

My name is Ian Hudson, I have lived in Willington for over 17 years with my wonderful wife Rose, and 4 children.

I am a Chartered Marine Engineer, I certify ships, many for the Royal Navy. My current key project is the RSS Sir David Attenborough, it is going to be the most sophisticated Research Vessel in the world, and I am responsible for all the electrical bits.

I work from home and so you'll often see me taking my son to school, or maybe out exercising. I am a keen runner, cyclist, footballer and occasional triathlete.

Willington is changing and Willington Parish Council has a key role to play in managing these changes. I attended a District Council meeting recently where it was stated that in the next 10 years South Derbyshire will build almost 13,000 new homes. That is a tremendous amount, many will be in Willington. More homes means more cars, we have all seen how busy the roundabouts get. High vehicles are always hitting the railway bridge, and that crossing outside the Co-op is just dangerous, something needs to be done.

But with challenges come opportunities, Willington Parish Council may get access to larger funding. Wouldn't you like to decide on where your money gets spent? Wouldn't you like to decide where the village priorities lie? I want to do my bit to make Willington better, not just for me, but for us all.

If elected I promise to be your voice on Willington Parish Council.

Posted: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 14:03 by Sabrina Doherty

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